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Where is BC going to source fruits and vegetables as traditional food producing lands, such as those in California, are being depleted by the effects of global warming?

The Peace River Valley contains unique growing conditions that allow it to grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables: enough to feed over a MILLION people, states expert Wendy Holm, an agrologist and economist with over 40 years’ experience.

The Peace River valley would lose up to 31,528 acres of Class 1-7 land if Site C proceeds. Given changing climate conditions and the increasing global pressure on food producing land and food prices, BC needs to protect valuable agricultural land, not flood it!

There are many energy alternatives, but there are no alternatives to food producing land!

Let’s make sure that Site C doesn’t destroy our future food security!

Sign our petition and tell the federal and provincial decision-makers on this project that Site C is NOT in the best interests of British Columbains!