Take Action

Site C is going to cost British Columbians ALOT of money! It’s an $8.8 billion project and you can be sure it will cost more. British Columbians will pay for this: BC Hydro plans to add it to our hydro bills after it’s operational. That is after the 28% rate increases already announced for the next 5 years and after the rate increases projected for the following 5 years!

The thing is, we don’t need Site C! Energy experts and economists have stated that we have enough power from existing sources of electricity. Additionally, the power from these sources costs only about 1/3rd  of what the power from Site C will cost!

Additionally, if, in the future, BC finds it does need more power, they have been strongly advised to seriously consider the vast stores of geothermal in British Columbia. Geothermal is far less damaging, can be developed incrementally and is cost competitive with Site C power.

BC industries and businesses are seriously concerned that the expensive power from Site C will put some of them out of business. They know there are better solutions.

Let’s make sure that Site C isn’t BC’s next White Elephant!

Sign our petition and tell the federal and provincial decision-makers on this project that Site C is NOT in the best interests of British Columbains!