Please save our Family Farm in B.C.'s Peace River Valley.

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Ken and Arlene Boon are third-generation grain and hay farmers in the Peace River Valley.

Their farmhouse, overlooking the scenic Peace River, was built by Arlene’s grandfather. “B.C. Hydro’s plan is to flood our property and destroy it,” she says.

The Boons have a large garden they share with two other families, growing everything from cantaloupes and grapes to tomatoes and corn. It’s Class 1 farmland, the best there is in B.C.

“My grandpa chased the BC Hydro people away when they asked him to sell the farm decades ago to make way for Site C,” says Arlene. “I look out every day and see the same view that my grandpa saw when he was here. That sort of thing is priceless.”

Let’s make sure that Site C doesn’t destroy our family farms!

Sign our petition and tell the federal and provincial decision-makers on this project that Site C is NOT in the best interests of British Columbains!