Please save our Family Home in B.C.'s Peace River Valley.

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These three young boys and their parents, Derek and Caroline Beam, will lose their family home if Site C Dam proceeds.

BC Hydro representatives have gone up and down the Peace River Valley, knocking on doors and telling families like the Beams that their homes and land will be expropriated against their wishes if they don’t move voluntarily.

“We’re not leaving our home,” says Caroline Beam, whose great-grandparents lost their picturesque Peace Valley farm when the WAC Bennett dam was built in the 1960s.

“When they expropriate, they set the amount they think you are worth. Our family has been fighting these dams for generations. My great-grandparents had to watch their home burn when the W.A.C. Bennett dam was built,” says Beam.

Let’s make sure that Site C doesn’t destroy family homes!

Sign our petition and tell the federal and provincial decision-makers on this project that Site C is NOT in the best interests of British Columbains!