Site C Campaign Update #4 (March 28)

March 28, 2016
Event tomorrow! Please promote.

Site C – Keep the Peace! March 29 at First Nations’ House of Learning at University of British Columbia (UBC), 7 pm. With Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, the father-son team Art and Julian Napoleon of Saulteau First Nations, agrologist Wendy Holm, Susan Smitten from Raven Trust and Ana Simeon from Sierra Club BC. Sponsored by the UBC First Nations’ House of Learning, Indigenous Research Partnerships, Sierra Club BC and the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty.

Day 15 of Hunger Strike for the Peace River Valley

"Standing on the doorstep of B.C. Hydro's head office, a protester said Sunday she was tired and hungry, but in good spirits as she headed into the third week of a hunger strike.”

Check out the Hunger Strikers’ Weebly for ways you can get involved and support:

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Solidary fasting welcome!

Federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson Rayboud Takes Some Heat in the Globe and Mail

"A senior federal minister from British Columbia is facing questions about whether she will stick to her past objections to major development projects at the cabinet table after a four-year-old video surfaced in which she said Canada risks its international reputation with proposals such as the Site C hydroelectric dam."

Homeless Eagles Defy Injunction

"A pair of Bald Eagles who had their nest destroyed last year by BC Hydro near the proposed Site C Dam have now blatantly defied a BC Supreme Court ordered injunction by building a new nest in the way of ongoing logging!”

Ben Parfitt Finds More Holes in BC Hydro’s Story

"With major power users severely challenged to pay today’s hydro bills, it’s anybody’s guess how much worse things will be if the most expensive megaproject in B.C. history is completed and the costs are recouped through even higher Hydro bills.”
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·       Sierra Club BC’s letter-writing action to the federal government:
·       Amnesty’s online petition to the federal and provincial governments now has more than 33,500 signatures:

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Donations to support the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations in their legal challenge to the Site C dam can be made through RAVEN Trust and will be matched:

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