HH Stop Work Order

October 20, 2014

Hudsons Hope Mayor Calls on Premier to Issue Stop Work Order on Site C

HUDSONʼS HOPE, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Today District of Hudsons Hope Mayor Gwen Johansson called on Premier Christy Clark to order BC Hydro to stop work on the proposed Site C Dam, pending review by the BC Utilities Commission and a final investment decision by the Cabinet. Late last Friday, BC Hydro provided draft environmental plans to Hudsons Hope and other local governments, in anticipation of site preparation and construction on Site C beginning in 90 days or as early as January 15, 2015.


Hudsons Hope Mayor, Gwen Johansson notes:


This latest action by BC Hydro makes a mockery of the cabinet approval process and calls into question the repeated public assurances of Minister of Energy Bill Bennett that building Site C is not a fait accompli. Cabinet is reportedly split on whether to proceed with Site C. BC Hydro is at the very least being fiscally irresponsible by running up project costs before cabinet has decided whether or not to approve Site C.


We have no idea what other expenses and commitments are being made on top of the $314 million BC Hydro has already spent. These expenditures and commitments could be costly to unwind if cabinet decides to approve less costly natural gas fired generation, the proposals of Clean Energy BC, or solutions recommended by the BC Utilities Commission should Cabinet ask the Commission to weigh in.


It is as if BC Hydro is running up project costs in an attempt to pressure Cabinet into approving Site C before Cabinet and the public learn the true cost of Site C to ratepayers.


The only independent review to date, which was conducted by the federal/provincial Joint Review Panel, found that:


  1. 1)  The need for Site C has not been established

  2. 2)  The cost estimates and impact of Site C on ratepayers could not be verified and need further scrutiny

  3. 3)  Site C should not proceed without expert and independent review of the Project by the B.C. Utilities Commission


Copy of E-mail from BC Hydro


Backgrounder on B.C. Utilities Commission Review of Proposed Site C Dam Project


To contact Mayor Gwen Johansson, call (250) 783 0820 or (250) 686 6887.