Cabinet to make decision on Site C

Cabinet will be making a decision on the Site C dam within the next seveal weeks.  Bill Bennett and the BC cabinet are split on whether to build Site C. The costs, and First Nations rights, are the forefront of issues, with BC food security as another consideration. Energy Minister Bill Bennett is not sure the dam can be built because of escalating costs and the potential of  alternate energy companies.  BC is now facing a 34% increase in market garden produce this year (formerly provided by California, which is now in cutbacks, due to a 3 year, and progressing drought). BC will need its 5% of growing agricultural land as it imports 68% of its market garden food. The Peace valley, if not flooded for Site C, can supply 1/4 of the BC population with market garden food such as corn, broccoli, potatoes, cantaloup, apples and cherries. The dam would provide BC with 8% more power for 75 years. For more information see here.