first nations against C-dam

"We have Elders...saying NO to this project....and we need to honour them. We need to honour the generations that are coming. This is going to belong to them when we are gone. And we need to ensure that it happens. This is our home."

"This is a big fight. I think we are going to win it! I feel it in my bones that we are in the right spot. We are on the side of right here. They are on the wrong side. As long as we stand together on this matter, we are going to prevail."

- Chief Roland Willson, West Moberly First Nation

By Emma Gilchrist • Sunday, July 12, 2015 - 15:45  http://www.desmog.ca/2015/07/12/watershed-moment-chief-vows-be-arrested-fight-against-site-c-dam-scales MAIL PRINT On the banks of the Peace River on Saturday, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip told hundreds of opponents to the Site C dam that he will be handcuffed if necessary to stop BC Hydro’s mega project from moving ahead. ...

FORT ST. JOHN, BC – Renowned scientist David Suzuki will speak at the Paddle for the Peace on Saturday, July 11, an event expected to draw people from across BC. Suzuki will join hundreds of people in canoes, kayaks and other watercraft who will paddle down the Peace River to protest...

Metro Vancouver Board votes overwhelmingly in favor of requesting that the premier allow for a 2-year moratorium on construction of Site C dam and allow for a review of the project by the British Columbia Utilities Commission and the ALC! http://globalnews.ca/…/2…/calls-for-moratorium-on-site-c-dam